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2020 CWA Summit
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Pre-conference workshops are supplemental opportunities for hands-on, in-depth learning from expert faculty. From developing training programs to raising capital for your start-up gym, pre-conference workshops address key topics to help you deepen your skill sets as owners, operators, managers, coaches, and routesetters.

Read on for a peek at last year's conference lineup, and stay tuned for 2020 announcements.


To register for pre-conference workshops, make your selection from the Summit registration page. Pre-conference workshops are reserved for conference attendees until the walk-in registration period opens on May 15, 2019. 

Conference Track

Session Title


Educating Your Members: The Key to Athletic Success and Member Retention

Presenter: Steve Bechtel, Owner, Climb Strong

Conference Track: Management/Operations

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 8:00 am - 11:00 am

Cost: $150 for conference attendees

Location: Snowberry Room, Embassy Suites Conference Center

Description: Knowledgeable members are more successful, have fewer injuries, and stick around longer. A genuine effort to make sure your members are healthy and successful pays for itself over and over again, both in member retention and positive feelings toward the facility. By helping members find their way to a successful climbing or fitness program, you can separate yourself from the field.

Through well-designed classes, member-focused seminars, challenges, and events, gyms can transition from a place to work out to a place they feel at home. Building a long-term vision for your members will help you create a successful long-term business.

Workshop Goals

  • To help gym owners and managers build simple programming tools to make sure members are improving.

  • To provide ideas on how to create a positive and inclusive culture in the gym.

  • To develop a long term co-created vision between gym and member.

  • To help gyms understand how to transition members from youth team, to adult, to parent, and to serve them each step of the way.

About the Facilitator: Steve Bechtel is a coach, gym owner, and internationally recognized presenter in training for climbing. The founder of Climb Strong as well as the Performance Climbing Coach seminars, Steve is active in bringing quality education to climbing coaches and athletes worldwide. A climber of more than 30 years, he's traveled to six continents and established first ascents of nearly 400 climbs from sport routes to grade VI big walls.


Prevent Climbing Injuries: A Systematic Approach

Presenter: Dr. Jared Vagy, The Climbing Doctor

Conference Track: Coaching/Training

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cost: $150 for conference attendees

Location: Goldenglow Room, Embassy Suites Conference Center

Description: This workshop is for any climbing coach who has struggled with injury themselves or with their teams. You will learn how to assess and treat the most common rock climbing injuries. Based on your findings, you will utilize a systematic approach to prevent and rehabilitate the injury. Additionally, you will be given a free copy of the book "Climb Injury-Free" and complimentary team membership access to the Rock Rehab Program with detailed injury prevention protocols to treat the most common climbing injuries.

Workshop Goals: Attendees will:

  • Learn how to assess the most common rock climbing injuries.

  • Utilize a systematic approach to prevent and rehabilitate the injury.

  • Integrated the latest research into your team practices

  • Use detailed protocols to prevent and treat the most common climbing injuries on your team

About the PresenterDr. Jared Vagy is a climber and doctor of physical therapy (DPT). He is also a professor at the University of Southern California, the number- one-ranked doctor of physical therapy program in the country. He lectures internationally on the topic of preventing climbing injury. Dr. Jared Vagy has published numerous articles as well as two books on the topic. His most recent book, “Climb Injury-Free” is an Amazon #1 best seller in the rock climbing category.


As a DPT in clinical practice, he has completed an additional one-year residency program in orthopedics and a one-year fellowship program in movement science, totaling 9 years of concentrated study. He is a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.


Prevent and Rehabilitate Climber's Elbow

Presenters: Jillian Yatsko, Paradox Sports Adaptive Climbing Initiative Instructor, Founder/Adaptive and Innovative Climbing Programs, Mesa Rim Climbing Center, Inc

Adam Fischer, Paradox Sports Adaptive Climbing Initiative Instructor

Conference Track: Program Management

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Cost: $75 for conference attendees

Location: Movement Climbing + Fitness, Boulder

Description: Supported by The North Face, Paradox Sports has created a comprehensive training program to help make climbing facilities more accessible to people with physical disabilities. This one day course will be a mix of classroom education, open discussions and on-the-wall training and facilitation. Participants will be trained in now to build a safe, inclusive climbing space for adaptive climbers, as well as focusing on techniques to accommodate individuals with a physical challenge. Topics include adaptive etiquette, health concerns, types of physical challenges, adaptive equipment, systems and risk management.

About the FacilitatorsJillian is a competitive rock climber and coach based out of San Diego, California. Jillian works with individuals, groups, and organizations to put together athletic programming to serve the specific needs of their community. She presented at the Climbing Wall Summit in May 2018 on Adaptive Climbing and joined the Paradox ACI Course Instructor team in August 2018 to continue to educate and expand the climbing community nationally.

Adam has climbed and skied across the US and abroad, including significant time in the Tetons, North Cascades, Colorado Rockies, Patagonia, the Alaska Range, and the Wrangell-St. Elias. Adam has been teaching climbing since 2007 and guiding since 2009 with organizations such as the Colorado Outward Bound School, World Challenge Expeditions, and the Colorado Mountain School. In September 2016 he successfully completed his Rock Guide certification through the American Mountain Guides Association – there are less than 250 Certified Rock Guides in the whole country! Adam served as the Paradox Sports Program Director for over three years from 2015 to 2018, and continues to work as an ACI Course Instructor and Program Leader with Paradox.

Adaptive Climbing Initiative


Lessons from a Lawyer: How to Prevent, Spot, and Respond to Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in the Gym

Presenter: Jason Pill, Esq., Phelps Dunbar LLP

Conference Track: Finance/Legal/Risk Management

Date: May 15, 2019

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Cost: $150 for conference attendees

Location: Goldenglow Room, Embassy Suites Conference Center

Description: This three-part program helps gym owners and managers identify, manage, and remediate sexual harassment and discrimination risks in the workplace. The first part of the program discusses the legal tapestry of state and federal laws prohibiting workplace harassment and discrimination, and helps establish a baseline awareness for attendess. The second part of the program provides a sexual harassment and discrimination training seminar to educate managers and owners on how to train their staff. The third part of the presentation includes a mock HR investigation with audience participation. The investigation is based on a set facts from a real life dispute that was tried before a jury. This part of the workshop also addresses best practices for conducting investigations and how to remediate workplace misconduct, as discussed through the lens of the hypothetical investigation. The entire workshop will be interactive and open to questions throughout, and additional time will be designated at the end to address further questions.

Workshop Goals

  1. Help owners and managers understand the various state and federal laws that govern workplace conduct, including laws against sexual harassment and discrimination

  2. Ensure that owners and managers understand how to conduct an investigation into workplace claims of sexual harassment and discrimination if a complaint is received or misconduct observed

  3. Ensure that owners and managers know how conclude an investigation and evaluate proper remedial measures, if any

  4. Provide owners and managers with a better understanding of proper training procedures and practices to implement in their gyms to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination

  5. Educate owners and managers on how to identify sexual harassment and discrimination risks in the workplace

About the FacilitatorJason Pill is an attorney who practices in the area of labor and employment. He represents employers, including climbing gyms, regarding claims involving employment discrimination laws and various employment-related torts. He regularly appears in state and federal courts to represent a broad range of employers. Guided by his litigation experience and work with clients, Jason routinely assists employers with the implementation of employee training programs and courses, including sexual harassment and discrimination prevention. Additionally, Jason has been a climber for the last 18 years and currently serves as the Chairperson of USA Climbing's Risk Management Committee.


Coaching: Tools for Growth

Presenters: Kris Hampton, Owner, Power Company Climbing; Nathan Drolet, Coach, Power Company Climbing

Conference Track: Coaching/Training

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cost: $150 for conference attendees

Location: The Spot Denver

Description: Coaches are often looked to for the answers, and aren't provided the space to struggle and grapple with those answers, even though it is an integral part of growth. Our learning is in real time, on the job. This classroom and hands on workshop will be a place for coaches, educators, and anyone with a hand in developing climbers to practice their coaching and communication skills. We will begin with classroom time to discuss what makes for an effective movement practice and the process of developing drills for climbers. Afterward we will conduct an open conversation about the language and feedback we use as coaches, and how it affects the mindset of our athletes. After the discussion, we will all be led through a climbing session, and asked to coach each other through questions and inquisition rather than beta, and employ the feedback necessary to create a growth mindset. Come prepared to climb, prepared to coach, and prepared to struggle through a little discomfort.

About the FacilitatorsAs a climber of 25 years, with ascents of 5.14 and V10, Kris has always been most interested in efficient movement and what factors allow for continued success. This led to founding Power Company Climbing, where Kris and his team have coached thousands of climbers to their goals. After starting the popular Power Company Podcast, Kris began talking with and coaching other coaches, and has found satisfaction in being able to reach even more climbers through these coaches.

A climber of 14 years, Nathan is one of the most mindful movers you will see. With ascents of multiple 5.14's and V12's, he has chosen to put some of his focus toward helping other climbers reach the highest levels of mastery possible for them, as a coach with Power Company Climbing.


Creative Programming in Climbing Gyms

Presenters: Andrew Lee, Director of Programming, Ascent Studio Climbing & Fitness; Jason Brown, Youth Programs Coordinator, Ascent Studio Climbing & Fitness

Conference Track: Program Management

Date: May 15, 2019

Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Cost: $150 for conference attendees

Location: Carter Lake Room, Embassy Suites Conference Center

Description: So you’re interested in programming? In this four-hour workshop we will dive into the myriad of programming options you can offer at your gym. We will cover youth programming, adult programming, large groups, special events, and more. Come prepared to learn some of the dos, don’ts, tips, and tricks of the world of climbing gym programming. We have spent the past 10 years (collectively) thinking up, trying, testing, and revising our programs; and we want to share our experiences with you. The goal of this workshop is to equip and empower gym owners, managers, and program coordinators to start their own programs, improve current programming, and impact the climbing community in more amazing ways. Join us!

About the Facilitators: Andrew has been a climbing instructor and coach for 11 years, and has held various management-level positions in climbing facilities, such as Head Routesetter, Climbing Wall Manager, Head Coach, and Director of Programming, for the past seven years. 


Jason hails from Columbus, Ohio, where he learned to climb 15 years ago. After serving as Youth Programs Coordinator at Vertical Adventures, Jason moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2015. Since then, Jason has worked as an Assistant Manager and Youth Programs Coordinator. As the Assistant Manager at Miramont, Jason created and implemented youth and adult programs. Currently, Jason serves as the Youth Programs Coordinator at Ascent Studio, where he pushes the boundaries of youth programming.


Climbing Movement: The Root of Routesetting, Programs & Experience

Presenter: Heather Reynolds, Climbing Coach, Coordinator and Consultant; Program Coordinator for the CWA

Conference Track: Coaching/Training

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Cost: $150 for conference attendees

Location: EVO Rock + Fitness, Louisville, CO (map)

Description: This workshop is designed to assist climbing coaches and program instructors to develop new skills and ideas to share with clients. Attendees will be introduced to a method of progressively teaching movement, and elements of design in curriculum development for coaching movement. We will review and practice the value of an eye for movement habits that can negatively impact performance. Heather will introduce activities that will increase the potential movement patterns that a climber may use effectively. The exploration of movement will cover areas of setting, injury prevention, risk management and coaching. Participants will be asked to climb and try new things. Level of current climbing is not important, we will work from where you are.  

About the PresenterHeather blends her knowledge of movement, physiology, education to develop a multitude of successful climbing programs designed to engage new-to-climbers and experienced climbers of all ages. Coaching hundreds of climbers each year to connect and reconnect with their potential and inspire their climbing, helping them improve their performance. Heather has created and shares simple activities to help climbers develop.


Systems-Based Risk Management: Simplifying It for Your Gym

Presenter: Jeff Jackson, PhD, Professor and Coordinator of Canada's Algonquin College Outdoor Adventure Guide

Conference Track: Management/Operations

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cost: $150 for conference attendees

Location: Lake Loveland Room, Embassy Suites Conference Center

Description: Systems based risk management simplifies what is otherwise a large and intimidating topic. This session provides a template for mapping your risk management systems, and we workshop the bones of your gym’s risk management plan into a comprehensive, usable document. We extend our conversation to identifying control structures and looking at key variables to maintain a solid safety culture. This workshop both conceptualizes and structures your risk management systems and practices towards building quality programming and safety performance.

Workshop Goals

  1. Build the basic bones of your gym's integrated and usable systems based risk management plan

  2. Provide a conceptual map that simplifies all aspects of risk management into a systems based approach

  3. Identify key operational variables to improve safety and quality programming

About the PresenterJeff Jackson, Ph.D., is a Professor and Coordinator of Canada's Algonquin College Outdoor Adventure Guide diploma program. His research on safety performance and safety culture has helped outdoor organizations re-think their risk management priorities and practices. Jeff is an award-winning educator who has been invited to speak around the world on safety and training topics. He has provided expert opinion in legal cases and consults with outdoor oriented insurance providers and municipalities. He is co-author of Managing Risk, an outdoor program-based risk management text, widely adopted by Canadian and American college outdoor programs


CANCELLED: Unpacking More Than Your Climbing Rope:
How to Unpack Unconscious Bias in Climbing and Why It Matters

This workshop has been cancelled. Please review the pre-conference workshop schedule for other training options during this time. 

Cultural Leadership: The Key to Employee Engagement and Motivation


Presenter: Chris Stevenson, Owner, Stevenson Fitness

Conference Track: Management/Operations

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Cost: $150 for conference attendees

Location: Big Thompson Room, Embassy Suites Conference Center

Description: Excellence comes from an engaged and motivated team. One way to accomplish that is through cultural leadership. In this interactive session learn how to lead by infusing a culture that inspires and motivates your team to be the best they can be! Explore strategies that dramatically increase your level of team member engagement. Attendees will leave with tangible tips and tools that will make an immediate impact and are easy to implement.

About the PresenterChris is a fitness industry leader with over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. This experience ranges from personal training and group instruction, to owning and operating facilities.  Chris has also been a presenter and speaker for national and international events for the last six years.   He presented at the last few conferences and was one of the CWA's highest rated speakers.


CANCELLED: Using Personal and Small Group Training to Take your Gym to New Heights

This workshop has been cancelled. Please review the pre-conference workshop schedule for additional training options.

Developing a Business Plan for Funding a New Climbing Gym


Presenter: Bob Richards, Owner, Climbing Wall Advisors

Conference Track: Startups/Business Formation

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Cost: $185 for conference attendees

Location: Elderberry Room, Embassy Suites Conference Center

Description: This workshop is designed for anyone interested in opening a climbing gym and for those who may be considering expanding into new facilities. Learn how to develop and present the information that will assist you in obtaining the financing you will require for developing your new climbing gym. We will also discuss various methods of financing. You will have the opportunity to discuss and share information with other aspiring gym developers who attend the session and receive information that will assist you in refining your business strategy.

About the Presenter: As founding principal of Climbing Wall Advisors, Bob Richards has provided strategic planning, development and risk management services to the climbing wall industry since 2004, assisting gym owners in planning, developing and opening facilities. Mr. Richards founded Rockreation Sport Climbing Centers in 1991 and managed the expansion of the company in Utah, California and Nevada, selling his interest in the company in 2004.

In May of 2003 Mr. Richards founded the Climbing Wall Association and served as a board member through 2011. He is a regular presenter at CWA conferences. Prior to his work in the climbing wall industry, Mr. Richards was an executive with various global consumer packaged goods companies. He also worked as a CPA and consultant with the international accounting firm, Ernst & Whinney. He holds a Certified Global Management Accountant designation.

Creative Coaching: Tools to Help Climbers and Coaches Meet Their Goals


Presenter: Bix Firer and Pat Brehm, Headwall Group

Conference Track: Coaching/Training

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Cost: $150 for conference attendees

Location: Longmont Climbing Collective, Longmont, CO (map)

Description: In this workshop, Administrative  and Coaching Staff will learn how to use meaningful structure and learning-ful play in order to build effective and creative youth programs in their climbing gyms, and how to empower their staff to enact such programs. Headwall Group is well-versed in best practices in youth development and will provide tools and strategies that administrative staff can introduce to their coaching staff that will help give their program a unique depth of experience for their climbers. 

This workshop will provide a deeper dive into the concepts of learning cycles and learning-ful play. Participants will be introduced to the research and evidence behind the practices they are taught. Bix and Pat will introduce concepts of learning structures, pre-teaching, reflection, and active learning as applied to climbing and work on applying these concepts to participant's programs. Participants will leave with new ideas for fun and engaging activities to use in their programs as well as an understanding of how to apply structure and learning-ful play to activities that they are already using in their programs, and tools to pass on to their staff to allow them to apply these concepts.

Participants will leave with an electronic resource that they will be able to apply at their programs, which will provide a scalable planning tool and activities that will help coaches apply best practices of structured learning, pre-teaching, learning-ful play, and reflection.

About the Presenters: Bix Firer (MA University of Chicago, BA University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) has worked in experiential and adventure education with national non-profits and school districts in Chicago, Milwaukee, Colorado, Idaho, and Alaska since 2007. Bix has primarily worked with students who are traditionally under-represented in outdoor education. Bix is currently the Director of the Outdoor Program at the College of Idhao. His passion is facilitating challenging and fun experiences that help developing educators approach themselves and each other with excitement, empathy, and a sense of adventure. While not working, Bix can be found exploring the rivers and mountains of Idaho under his own power.

Patrick Brehm (BA Marquette University) has worked in several capacities of youth advocacy, developing and delivering curriculum based in social-emotional learning, experiential education and special education.  He has passionately brought high-level, energetic facilitation and training to diverse communities of youth and adults in Milwaukee and Denver through various non-profits, schools and community-oriented businesses.  As a dedicated rock climbing instructor, Pat is passionate about sharing a unique perspective, encouraging groups and individuals to use rock climbing and other adventures to find connection and balance within oneself, community and natural environment.  When Pat is not teaching, you can find him climbing.

Climbing Wall Instructor Provider Certification


Presenter: Climbing Wall Association

Conference Track: Certifications

Date: Tuesday, May 14 - Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm; 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Cost: $495 for conference attendees (includes lunch)

Location: EVO Rock + Fitness, Louisville, CO

Description: The CWI Provider Certification Program is designed to promote industry self-regulation and assist owner/operators of climbing facilities in training staff to a minimum, consistent standard of care. The curriculum can be easily integrated into existing staff training and professional development programs. The CWI Certification program may not cover all necessary topics required at a particular company, program, or facility. However, the program should address the basic technical competencies for climbing wall instructors regardless of venue. The primary governing document for the program is the program policy manual which discusses the structure and functioning of the program and the responsibilities of the providers.


  1. Current membership in the CWA

  2. 21 years of age

  3. Current first aid and CPR (American Red Cross Basic - 5.5 to 6.5 hours, or equivalent)

  4. A résumé or other document showing a minimum of 200 hours of work experience as a climbing instructor, showing expertise in indoor climbing settings

  5. Climbing ability: 5.9 top rope and 5.8 lead on artificial structures

  6. Current CWA Certified Climbing Wall Instructor* (See Below)

  7. Two non-related professional references, including contact information and phone number

  8. A signed agreement and attestation on file

  9. Proof of insurance

* If the candidate is not a current CWA Certified Climbing Wall Instructor, the candidate may complete an alternative qualification procedure documenting that the candidate meets the requirements of becoming a provider but showing a minimum of 400 hours of work experience as a climbing instructor. Exceptional and wide-ranging indoor climbing teaching experience, prior experience as an instructor or guide, or other certification will be considered as evidence of qualification.

Work-at-Height Certification for Competent Persons


Presenter: Climbing Wall Association/Lead Instructor TBA

Conference Track: Certifications

Date: Monday, May 13 - Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm daily

Cost: $850for conference attendees 

Location: Ascent Studio

Description: The Climbing Wall Association has developed a Work-at-Height Competent-level training and assessment program for commercial climbing wall operations. This course is intended for technicians working at height in a commercial climbing facility, and for administrators seeking eventual certification under the Qualified level of the Work at Height program.


Participants of this training will have existing duties in their job functions, such as: hazard assessment; implementing your employer’s managed fall protection program; supervising authorized persons; performing rescues according to the employer’s rescue plan; and training of authorized climbing wall workers.


The course will combine instruction and evaluation in the selection and use of specialized equipment, use of various access methods for work-at-height, rescue procedures and policies and procedures a climbing facility must have.


Please review the standard, the student manual and the competent person assessment form within 72 hours of your registration for this course.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Educate owners and managers about legal requirements for Work-at-Height.

  • Provide candidates with guidance regarding an employer’s comprehensive fall-protection program.

  • Provide a means of promoting consistency and quality assurance for managed work at height programs.

  • Improve the level of competency of employees working-at-height in climbing facilities.

  • Evaluate the technical skills of employees working-at-height.

  • Prepare workers in the event of a work safety audit by a regulatory agency.


Certification participants will demonstrate their ability to conduct a basic hazard assessment, and demonstrate techniques for ascending, descending, positioning, self-belay, and rescue while working at height on a climbing wall. We will discuss the selection and use of appropriate PPE and various access methods and the application of certain work at height techniques used in industry to the climbing wall environment. Successful candidates should be able to implement a comprehensive work-at-height fall protection program.


You are welcome to bring your own climbing equipment – provided it is in good condition, it is inspected, and you have an inspection log – however, we will be providing equipment for this course.


  1.  You will be at least 18 years of age by the conclusion of the course.

  2. You can demonstrate proficient belay technique.

  3. You can lead climb 5.9 on artificial terrain.

  4. You have, or are provided with, appropriate equipment in good condition.

  5. You can demonstrate proper care, use, and inspection of Personal Protective Equipment.

  6. You can ascend a rope.

  7. You have knowledge of the regulatory requirements of the code of local adoption.

  8. The candidate has the physical ability to successfully complete the assessment.

Re-certification: The re-certification process is dependent on the date of your last certification. If you received a Competent Person certification between November 2017 and today, you are eligible to enroll in the Qualified Persons course. If you were certified as a Competent OR Qualified person before November 2017, you must enroll in the Competent Person certification course before proceeding to the Qualified Person course. Please contact your course provider with questions.

CANCELLED: Work-at-Height Certification for Qualified Persons


This course has been cancelled. Please stay tuned to CWA announcements for future iterations of this course. 

Mentoring Your Routesetting Team for Customer Progression & Retention


Presenters: Jackie Hueftle and Sarah Filler, Routesetting Institute

Conference Track: Routesetting

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 9am - 5pm

Cost: $275 for conference attendees

Location: Wooden Mountain, Loveland, CO (map)

Description: A good routesetting program is an extremely important factor in creating and maintaining a gym's customer base, and the goal of this workshop is to help you develop strategies for creating a good routesetting program in your gym. This workshop will include theory, setting, forerunning, and discussion, and will be most beneficial for Head Setters and Assistant Head Setters, though prospective gym owners and gym managers/owners without a head setter in place can also benefit.

Prerequisites: Some routesetting experience, must be able to use wrenches, drills, and ladders correctly and safely. Prefer Head Setters and Assistant Head Setters.

About the Presenters: Jackie Hueftle has been setting since 1998. She has set for everyone from brand new climbers to high level competitors including world-cup level athletes. Most recently Jackie was Head Setter of The Spot in Boulder, though in 2017 she stepped out of full-time setting to focus on her hold company, Kilter. In 2018 she helped form the Routesetting Institute with the goal of helping more gyms create and maintain good setting programs.

Sarah Filler started setting in 2007 in Buffalo, New York. In 2014 she moved to Boulder, became Assistant Head Setter at The Spot and then in 2017 became Head Setter. Sarah planned the routesetting department for and opened The Spot Denver, works with Kilter in sales and consulting, and helped form the Routesetting Institute. She often travels to set for gyms and comps and helps train new setters.

The Fine Art of Forerunning


Presenters: Tonde Katiyo, Director of Routesetting, Bouldering Project

Conference Track: Routesetting

Date: Monday, May 13 - Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Time: 8am - 5pm daily

Cost: $350 for conference attendees

Location: Whetstone Climbing, Fort Collins (map)

Description: In this two-day workshop, Tonde will expand on his idea that “to make climbing, you need to do climbing” and the concept of athletic empathy. Participants will be invited to explore the different challenges that forerunning can pose and be presented with ideas and techniques to make forerunning a powerful tool to produce quality climbing in commercial or competition setting environments. The goal of this workshop is to understand one specific step in the routesetting process: the forerunning. By focusing on this single phase, the importance of each the other steps in the process will be discussed and better understood. 

Prerequisites: At least 2 years routesetting experience

About the Presenter: Half French and half Zimbabwean, Tonde Katiyo has set many climbs in many countries. He really loves routesetting and has applied his experience in design to shape his routesetting process. Lately, he has also taken on professionalizing routesetting by giving courses geared towards sustaining creativity and empathy in commercial routesetting and fairness and diversity in competition routesetting. He is the Director of Routesetting for Bouldering Project and lives in Seattle with his wife and 2 kids.

"Speed Dating" / Insurance Consults with The Monument Sports Group


Presenters: The Monument Sports Group

Conference Track: Legal/Risk Management

Date: Wednesday, May 15

Time: 1pm-4pm, 45-min consults

Cost: Complimenary

Location: John Q Hammons Conference Room

Description: Join the Monument Sports Group for a complimentary "Speed Dating" session - i.e. a 30-45 minute minute  consultation between 1-4p on Wed, May 15 at the Embassy Suites Conference Center. Sign up for your slot, availability is limited!

Sign up Here




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